CANARMOR DEFENDER Ballistic Briefcase

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The lightest, most covert and versatile protection, DEFENDER™  has many applications in many environments – from home/family defense to law enforcement application, from executive protection to corporate or private security.

DEFENDER™ is designed to provide full body discreet protection from bullets as per NIJ Level IIIA (0101.06 std) in case of an attack. DEFENDER™ looks like a standard briefcase or a laptop bag, but actually it becomes a ballistic shield when opens. Built-in pistol pouch will allow to fit, and when necessary have an access to handgun.

Protection area: 16″(40cm) wide, 31″ (79cm) high in open position.

Materials: Briefcase is made of Genuine leather, Ballistic plates are Aramid SpectraKevlar.

In the matter of no time, quick release opening mechanism unfolds the briefcase into a 5-feet long ballistic shield, which will provide protection against most of handguns, shotguns and pistol caliber threats. DEFENDER™ can stop up to .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition and shotgun blasts.

The briefcase shield is lightweight to be carried covertly and deployed rapidly when needed.