MMD221 Level III+ Hard Plate

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**All plates sold individually -Price is Per Plate**

The MMD221 III+ plate is our flagship product made in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada. The MMD221 has recently passed NIJ certification, we are just awaiting the final confirmation.

These plates feature multi hit, multi curve protection with trauma reduction back side and ceramic disk strike face. Positively Buoyant, water resistant and durable, made with 1000D Cordura. the strike face covering can be produced in several colors including Multi Cam, Multi Cam Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown and Black. Once NIJ certification is finalized they will only be available in the color black. These plates fit our MMD Summit LTE Carrier and our MMD Summit Pro carrier, as well as other brands.

Plate come with a 5 year warranty

Plates are made with multiple curves to fit better anatomically. Plates can be used for chest or back interchangeably.

Tested and passed NIJ Certification.
Apex Specs – Shooter Cut
Stand alone weight: 4.4lbs per plate. Dimensions: 10” x 12 “ shooters cut and only 1” thick

Ballistic Threat Protection
These plates have been tested against the following rounds
*7.62 X 51MM M80 CS @ 2780 FPS
*7.62 X 39MM CHINESE MSC @ 2780 FPS
*5.56 X 45MM M855/SS109 @ 3020 FPS
As well as handgun calibers

Regulations vary from province to province, you must comply with your local rules and regulations, therefore it is always good to check with your local authorities before making a purchase.**

All Armor is final sale, 5 year warranty is for defect only (not an exchange policy)