CANARMOR ULTRALIGHT black, NIJ Level III-A concealable body armor

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  • Wearing type: Internal, concealable;
  • Front and back pants fillers for firm fit (not armoured);
  • Double shoulder straps for easy adjustments and comfort;
  • Breathable Mesh liner;
  • Tested and certified to NIJ Level IIIA (0101.06 Std);
  • Stab protection level: 10 Joules;
  • Needle/Spike level: 4.4 Joules;
  • Ballistic armor material: DuPont™ Kevlar®;
  • Ballistic plates are in heat sealed rip-stop nylon pouches;
  • Ultra-Light: weight is below 1.7kg (3.74lbs) for size XS (Extra Small); Larger sizes are slightly heavier;
  • Adjustment elastic straps provide a firm and comfortable fit;
  • Easy-care, machine-washable poly/cotton carrier;
  • V-neck design enhances neck comfort and maximizes  concealability;
  • Removable ballistic panels;
  • Urethane-coated rip-stop nylon encasement keeps the ballistic materials clean, dry, and lightproof;
  • Country of origin: Canada.